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Pilots: 742
Total Aircraft: 241
Hours Flown: 320949:56:06
Flights Flown: 89205
Miles Flown: 131508907 nm
Fuel Burned: 4850363240.6 lbs
Total Routes: 72738
Pilots in Flight: 20
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UAE2459 Carl Jonson Hungary
FVN2458 Kevin Guillaume Canada
AAS2457 Seth Redden United States
OMA2456 Paul Gardiner United Kingdom
BOX2455 Devashish Kumar India
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AAL2228 Danny W 6 Month Service Award
AAY2040 Gustavo T 125 Hour Award
TUI2223 Benjamin C 6 Month Service Award
BAW1085 Sami S 250 Flight Award
FVN2458 Kevin G Official Trainee Award
OMA2456 Paul G Official Trainee Award
OMA2456 Paul G Greased -200
FVN2458 Kevin G Greased -200
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DAL1742 Jon Engen
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Welcome To Fly Virtual
Welcome to Fly Virtual!  Let us take care of all your virtual aviation needs and keep it all in one log book.
We’re not just another virtual airline.
We are a comprehensive virtual aviation network supporting flight simulation enthusiasts around the world.  Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes, to pattern work in a C172, to bush flying Alaska or the Congo.  Military missions and aircraft are also an option.
There is no testing or hour requirements, letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly.  Pick any route and if it’s not in the system, just create your own flight in smartCARS 2 or in our comprehensive charter system. 
Fly Virtual is an easy going organization. Our pilots come first and we keep it simple.  Our rules fit into two pages. 
Still have questions? Come visit us on our Discord server by clicking here or email us at staff@flyvirtual.net
You can also find us on Facebook   
Latest News
A330 Tour Now Open

Both parts of our A330 tour are now open!

See the tour module for details and to sign up.

Posted by Randy Dettmer CEO on 12/09/2019
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Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/ETA
Recent Arrivals
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Landing Status
LAN149 Ruben Soto A320 SCCF SCEL 02/19/2020 -179 fpm Enroute
UAL512A Jason Nye B738 KMSY KIAH 02/19/2020 -318 fpm Enroute
DAL427 Dr William Freeman B744 KJFK KLAX 02/19/2020 -201 fpm Enroute
FVN1371 Bryan Sutherland DH8D EGPH EGCC 02/19/2020 -8 fpm Enroute
UAL2132 Steven Milligan B77L KSFO KLAX 02/19/2020 -441 fpm Enroute
FVN655 Benjamin Louis B748 KSEA SCEL 02/19/2020 -218 fpm Enroute
KLMEXTAP9 Milorad Miucin B744 TNCM KDFW 02/19/2020 -625 fpm Enroute
EZY2366 Jorge Lopes A319 LPPT EGGW 02/19/2020 5 fpm Enroute
LAN148 Ruben Soto A320 SCEL SCCF 02/19/2020 -299 fpm Enroute
UAL492 Steven Milligan B772 KIAD KSFO 02/19/2020 0 fpm Enroute